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Due to several economic, political, and social factors, most schoolchildren throughout Africa lacks basic school supplies. The lack of basic school supplies can have a significant negative impact on children and their future. Many children in Africa attend schools with limited resources, overcrowded classrooms, and mostly inside of a delipidated budlings without standard
tables and chairs. This can result in a substandard education that fails to prepare them for future

Children in these schools may not receive a comprehensive education that covers all subjects, including math, science, and language arts. This can limit their future opportunities and make it difficult for them to pursue higher education or find good jobs in a the ever changing global economy.

Another impact from a lack of basic school supplies, including books, computers, and other educational materials, is the lack of ability to retain information, and thus negatively impact their school children’s ability to keep up with their peers.
Poor schools in Africa also often suffer from a lack of infrastructure, including inadequate heating or cooling, ventilation, and lighting. This also can negatively impact students’ health and comfort and can also affect their ability to concentrate and learn.
Overall, most schools in Africa can have a detrimental effect on children and their future. Improving these schools and providing children with access to quality education is crucial to help them achieve their full potential and build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Kids Helping Hands is at the fore front of providing school materials and helping to improve the overall educational system throughout Africa.

Your help, support is desperately needed to attain this goal.
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